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Location: Baltimore City, Maryland
Time Frame:

The Warden's house is all that remains of Thomas and James M. Dixon's 1859 jail, a Tudor Gothic style, castellated structure with granite walls, slate roof and cast and wrought-iron beams.
The central block and cupola, facing the Fallsway, resembled the Tower of London. The Warden House on Madison Street was built in the same style. It has battlemented towers, bartizans and lancet windows.
The building was converted to offices in 1974, but its distinctive interior is still intact.
Bad conditions and numerous deaths. Rumors circulate, and the building and grounds are speculated to be haunted.
A Checkered History
Gangs & Contraband

Photos courtesy of ©2007 Arijah Ankh Khalid-Zyn with assistance from Zack King Brankovich. All rights reserved.

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