The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits is an association dedicated to the academic promotion of the historical importance of cemeteries, grave markers,
and the family history to be learned from a study of burial customs, burying grounds, and tombstones; and the social promotion of the study of cemeteries,
the preservation of cemeteries, and the transcription of genealogical/historical information written in cemeteries.

The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits was founded by Terry Thornton (Mississippi) with assistance from footnoteMaven (Washington) and Bob Franks (Mississippi).
The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits was authored by Terry Thornton of The GYRabbit of The Hill Country, until his passing in 2010. It featured a weekly article with links to all of the
articles written by the membership and a weekly feature devoted to the introduction of one of the members. Members are in contact with each other through their blogs,
but I'm not sure that the Graveyard Rabbit e-Letter is still being produced. Interaction continued through the Graveyard Rabbit Group on Facebook, but it doesn't look as though it's been updated since 2014, and the old website at thegraveyardrabbit.com no longer works.

Why "Graveyard Rabbits"?
The website stated that "The Association was named for Frank Lebby Stanton’s poem, The Graveyard Rabbit.
Although the poem is about superstitions associated with graveyard rabbits, Stanton also establishes that such rabbits have a charmingly intimate knowledge of graveyards and a loving association with the dead.
These traits are the motivation of the human beings interested in this group."

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The Legal Stuff

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