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We are not medical professionals nor do we claim to be one. These are just resources and things that I have found of help myself and want to share those things with others who may need them.
Kindly bear with me while I create the items listed on this page. I'm trying. <3

🌹 For the dead.
Cremation Ground (more info when it comes avail.)

Home Memorials
Inspirations and printable crafts for those who wish to keep their beloved at home. (not yet ready)

How to plan a memorial service

Historical and modern use of communication with the deceased, with tools and resources of value to those who wish to employ them.

* Communicating with the Dead: Can the Unknown be Regulated?
* Why are some millennials turning to the supernatural?
* Reported Contact with the Dead, Religious Involvement, and Death Anxiety in Late Life
* 6 Historical Methods for Contacting the Dead (and Their Drawbacks)

William Fuld 1894 Original Ouija Photo
Yes, you can print. It's in the public domain. What Happened to William Fuld?

🌹 For the dying. After all, we all are.
Dead Man's Switch
A "dead man's switch" is a switch that is designed to be activated or deactivated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death, loss of consciousness,
or being bodily removed from control. This website allows a person to write a few words to be delivered to a number of recipients in case of such an occurance.

My Story Memory Journal
A memento mori. A journal to add photos, memories, favorite things and words of sentiment. zip file. 10Mb.

Preparation Checklist
Reminders, things to get done and ideas to inspire.Word doc. 9kb.

🌹 For those who remain.
The American Counseling Association has a nice bit of resources discussing grief and loss.

The Help Guide
Resources for those experiencing grief and loss.
Helping those who are grieving

Worldwide database of cemetery records, memorials and cremations.

The Legal Stuff

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