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The Eternal Beloved is a collaborative effort between Ravynmoon, The Gothic Poets Society & Wintermoon, via volunteership with Find-a-Grave.
We are cemetery Goths, artists and witches, preserving history through photography and storytelling.
In an ever-changing world, we feel it is necessary to find and record the location of our "eternally beloved" so that family members have that information for their own personal and genealogical records.
We also attempt to find lost plots and interments and support existing graveyards and cemeteries through preservation, recovery and clean-up efforts.

As lovers of folklore and the paranormal, if any of these people or places have ghost stories or reported energetic anomolies or paranormal activity attached, we investigate those allegations.
We attach those stories to the pages we list here and if we find interesting expereinces that support those allegations when we we traverse to these spots, we report those experiences as well.

Our focus is on Appalachia, and we currently investigate and document locations in the following areas:
Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee.

If you are in need of assistance in finding the grave of a loved one, kindly visit Find-a-Grave to submit a request.

To view documents,photos,reports & data, kindly click a link below

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Upper Melinda
Soldier's Delight
Mary Suratt House
Jericho Covered Bridge
Hannah More
Fort Garrison
All Saints Cemetery
Baltimore City Jail
Druid Ridge Cemetery, Dru Hill & the Legend of Black Aggie
St. Thomas Cemetery

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Gettysburg Battlefield & Surrounding Area

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District of Columbia
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West Virginia
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Hobbs Hill

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