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Location: Reisterstown, Maryland (more specifically, the area between Glyndon and Butler) near Worthington, along Bonita Avenue.
Time Frame: early 1800's

The legend says that "Melinda" was a witch that cursed Reisterstown. She was supposedly hung and then cut in half; her top or "upper" half, being buried in one location, "Upper Melinda"
and her bottom half being buried in an undisclosed location.

Research during 2006, turned up a handful of Melindas in the area between 1800 and 1850, however causes of death were of the usual type: sick, old, accident, stillbirth.
Further research discovered that the farm itself was upper and lower sections, and that's it. No dead witches. No curses. No hangings.
The legend is a persistant one.

Even though the legend itself has proven itself to be bunk, the paranormal activity in the area isn't. Disembodied voices, balls of light and the occassional
photo have been produced.

The question is, "If no witch was murdered, then why the paranormal activity?" For information on what I believe is the culprit of this,
kindly go to the Blood Witch blog here.

photos courtesy and © Mizdimma DeSade

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